Bugün ölen Ben E. King’in en meşhur şarkısını John LENNON söylüyor. Şarkı aslında bir gospel ilahisi ama Ben. E.King versiyonuyla dünya çapında tanınıyor. Yukarıda devam ederler artık… Allah rahmet eylesin.


12/17/2017 11:32pm

There are too many singers who gets fame for some special song and also remembers after death. It's the human nature they do not care when something is around them. This article gives the message to public that they have to give importance to their heros in their life.

12/18/2017 10:20pm

I am absolutely attached to this song. I used to listen to it all the time, back in my day, John Lennon was the man. Almost everyone was his fan, all the shops and malls would play his songs to lure in some customers. Other that his mesmerizing song, all his works is really great! They just capture the emotions of the one who wrote it, and gives its listeners a really nice feeling. How I wish that they make music like this again.


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